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If it Was Good Enough for the Pharaoh…
Granite crops up in all the best places. The pharaohs were fond of the stone and clad their pyramids with it. The builders of royal temples in India used granite to assert their status. When it came to her final resting place, Queen Victoria opted to be interred under a sturdy granite sarcophagus. Vaughan granite countertops cash in on that cachet, and are adding value and beauty to many homes in the area.
With granite's move indoors in recent years, the stone's popularity has boomed. Home renovators have discovered the great value of granite in bathroom vanities, flooring, backsplashes and fireplace hearths. And nothing says success or style better than granite countertops in the family kitchen.
Why granite? In its polished form, it is seen as a natural choice for countertops, because of its durability and hygienic qualities. It is incredibly versatile, and comes in just about every shade imaginable. The palette ranges from black to white, with gold, copper, green and rose in between.
No slab of the stone is coloured like any other – no matter how many of your neighbours also choose granite, you will have something unique to your home. And with the advent of granite tiles, the stone is versatile enough to fit into irregular-shaped areas.
Further Reasons for Installing Granite Countertops
Granite is an expensive stone and one of your first considerations will undoubtedly be the cost factor. It cannot be installed by the do-it-yourself-er – it's a job for the professionals.
A professional can also help you choose the correct rock, as well. Dark granite will make your kitchen look smaller; lighter varieties will open it up. What colour are your existing cabinets? The shade of granite should contrast them and, if your cupboards are of dark wood, go as light as possible. And don't forget the idiosyncrasies of the stone – it can sparkle and gleam and its flecks will really show to advantage if you have a room blessed with strong natural light.
Are There Drawbacks to Granite Countertops?
Anything beautiful requires upkeep. The durability of granite means that it will easily withstand the blows that it will receive from families and food preparation over its life, but it does require cleaning.
When doing a daily cleaning of the counter, simply use a clean, microfiber cloth. Warm water is sufficient to wipe away any daily residue. A mild dish or hand soap combined with warm water is perfect for washing.
A stone cleaner should be used periodically. Some installers suggest once a week and others less frequently. The cleaner should not contain abrasives, as these will discolour or stain the stone, and dull its finish. Stains can be cleaned away with a poultice made of flour, baking soda and household dish soap.
Every other year – at the least – granite countertops should be resealed. The stone is porous and will have been coated in a sealant at the time of installation. The test for when that sealant is wearing off is easy – simply sprinkle water on the countertop's surface. When the time comes that the sprinkled water no longer forms beads, it's time to reseal.
From pyramids to your kitchen countertops, granite is a stone well worth considering. Contact your Vaughan granite countertops supplier today!
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